Jasmine Pearls

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Japan - Jasmine Dragon Pearls
7 Dakika
80-85 oC
6-8 Adet
Gramaj Seçiniz>
25 gr50 gr
* You can brew ~11-14 times w/25gr packages, ~22-28 times w/50gr packages.
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Unlike any other tea blends, a special production technique is applied for Jasmine Pearl. With the traditional blending method, teas are mixed with other spices, dried fruits, flowers, etc. when they are dry and the final product is made. The technique used for Jasmine Pearls is quite different from the traditional ones.

 After being dried and withered, the tea leaves are laid in special tubs. Then, they are mixed with fresh jasmine flowers, which grow in the early spring and which are plucked early in the morning before their blossoms open. That the flowers are plucked before they burst open, and during the time when the flowers are at their freshest, is essential for the quality of the blend. So, the tea leaves laid to dry for about a night, gain a subtle and pleasant flowery aroma after soaking up the essence of the jasmine flower, which slowly soften and open. Finally, the jasmine flowers are sorted from the tea leaves.

 This process can be repeated at least 3 up to 6-7 times until the desired taste is achieved. Like the quality of the tea, the freshness of the jasmine flowers, the season and the hour when they are plucked, the repetition of the blending process, the moisture and the temperature during the blending process are also important factors for the quality of final product.

 Once the blending process is over; the tea leaves, which soak up the excess moisture of the jasmine, are re-dried and rolled one by one by hand until they get the shape of a pearl. Since Jasmine Pearls is a hole leaf tea that is hard to produce and is lightly processed, it is relatively more valuable compared to other types of tea.

Important Note:It is recommended to brew the tea at 85°C for at least 6-7 minutes so that the tea leaves can open and yield a better brew. Brewed tea leaves can be reused by adding water.